Maximum amount of fees to be allowed to charge from migrant workers

Job Order Details Job Order No: AL/2709/0001/21
  Issue Date: 09/04/2021
  Expire Date: 08/04/2023
  Country : Israel
Job Category Details Job Category : Caregiver - Domestic Female
  Contract Period : 1 Year
  Minimum Salary : 5300 - IS
  Required Qualifications: Fluent English and SLBFE Training
  Required Experience: -
Terms & Conditions Food :
  Accomodation :
  Medical :
  Air ticket : Not Provided
Maximum Amount to pay Local Agency Total Amount (Rs.) : 398,416
  The approved amount includes the onward air ticket cost and therefore the local agent can not charge it separately

(The agent is not permitted to charge any fee exceeding this amount and charging of an additional amount exceeding the above fee is a punishable offence. )