Agency Grading System
Excellence Awards for Licensed Foreign Employment Agencies - 2012
  • Criteria used for Assessment

Total Number of Recruitment
1 Bonus points for total recruitment

Recruitment Under Main Categories
2 Professional
3 Middle Level & Clerical Related
4 Skilled
5 Semi Skilled
6 Unskilled
7 Housemaid

8 Dispute Settlement

New Destinations

Market Diversification

11 Cess Payment

12 Submission of Renewal Application

13 Extension of Bank Guaranty

Maintaining of Registers
14 Register containing details of migrants (Book A)
15 Register of job offers (Book B)
16 Register on remittance reimbursed (Book C)
17 Register containing details of the Foreign Employers and or commissions (Book D)
18 Book keeping (Receipt Book)
19 Register containing details of the possports surrendered to agency and of their holders (P/P Record Book)

Proper Maintenance of office
20 Traceability & locating
21 New Name Board
22 Attractive Appearance
23 Interior Layout and practical aspect
24 Process Management
25 Well Functioning Equipments

26 Un Interruption of the Business

Outlook & Identity of Staff
27 Outlook of Office Staff
28 Wearing Identity Cards

Migrant Workers profile and pre-migration awareness programmes

29 Proper maintenance of migrant workers profile
30 Pre-migration Awareness Programmes

Assessment of Human Resources (staff of agencies)
31 Higher Education
32 GCE Advanced Level
33 GCE Ordinary Level
34 Upto
GCE Ordinary Level

35 Additional Bonus Points